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Research Synthesis Methods

Research Synthesis Methodsthe official journal of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology, is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal devoted to the development and dissemination of methods for designing, conducting, analyzing, interpreting, reporting, and applying systematic research synthesis.


Master in Biostatistics

A competitive international Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research offered in English in Paris by internationally renowned Professors from Europe

EBMH Statistics in Practice

Journal Series

The Statistics in practice series in Evidence Based Mental Health focuses on tools and concepts that are basic and central to teaching and practicing evidence based mental health.It focuses mainly on evidence synthesis but also cover other areas of statistics that are essential to those practicing evidence based medicine


Statistics Forum

Forum with discussions related to statistics

Cochrane Methods Statistics

Research Group

The Statistical Methods Group (SMG) (Cochrane Methods Statistics) is a forum where all statistical issues related to the work of Cochrane are discussed.


Web Application

CINeMA (Confidence in Network Meta-Analysis) is a web application that simplifies the evaluation of confidence in the findings from network meta-analysis.

Stata software for pairwise and network meta-analysis

Stata Packages

metamiss2 package – Accounting for missing outcome data in meta-analysis
network graphs package – Visualizing assumptions and results in network meta-analysis