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Sofia Tsokani

Sofia Tsokani

Research Associate

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Ms. Sofia Tsokani is PhD student and Research Associate in the Department of Primary Education in the University of Ioannina. She holds a Master’s degree in Statistics and Operations Research from the Mathematics Department in the University of Ioannina. Her research interests focus on statistical modelling for meta-analysis and network meta-analysis.

Ms. Sofia Tsokani holds a BSc in Mathematics (completed in June 2015) and a MSc in Statistics and Operations Research (completed in December 2017) from the Mathematics Department of the University of Ioannina. Her Master thesis has title “A review on methods for handling missing data” and conducted under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Mavridis.

Research Interests

Her research interests focus on systematic reviews, and statistical modelling for meta-analysis and network meta-analysis. In particular, she is interested in developing statistical models for network meta-analysis with complex interventions.

Research Key words

  • Systematic reviews
  • Statistical modelling for meta-analysis
  • Statistical modelling for network meta-analysis
  • Complex interventions
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