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Agapios Panos

Agapios Panos

Web Developer / Statistical Programmer

LinkedIn – CV

Agapios Panos is a statistical programmer and research associate at the Department of Primary Education in the University of Ioannina. He holds an MSc in Science in Education from the Department of Primary Education in the University of Ioannina. He has been working as a web, application and game developer for the last 6 years and recently he got into the field of statistical programming focusing in R. He is also the founder of, a company that develops applications, websites and games using cutting edge technologies since 2012.

I studied Science in Education focusing in new technologies and ICT in the field of education. I hold an MSc degree in Science in Education from the Department of Primary Education at University of Ioannina. My master thesis was about developing a game about physics in Unity 3D game engine. My BSc thesis was about developing a platform to support the internships of students of Primary Education Department.

I have been working as a programmer since 2012 ( developing awesome websites, applications and games and as a system administrator since 2014 managing 2 servers that run centos for 103 clients. I have also been an instructor for the courses of Programming IV (Open GL using C++) and Game Development Tools (Unity3D Game Engine using C#) at IEK Delta. Finally, I got an EU grant in 2015 (Monades Aristeias from GFOSS) for the development of an open source Java application called Sopho for the support of the work of philantrhopic organizations

Research interests

My research interests include development of R packages, optimising R code for faster processing of data, development of educational games and applications.

Research key words

  • Statistical programming
  • R packages development
  • Code optimisation
  • Educational games
  • Educational applications
  • Gavrilakis C., Liarakou G., Kostas A., Panos A. Environmental education for the sustainable development in the repository “Photodentro”. 11th Pan-Hellenic and International Conference “ICT in Education”, October 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Panos A, Pappas C, Fikaris I. An online application for the administration of the internships of the students at Primary Education Department. Integration and use of ICT in the educational process conference, October 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece (oral presentation).
  • Kitsiou E., Tatsis K., Panos A. Development of educational game in Unity 3D that includes activities in mathematics in a virtual environment. 1st pan-Hellenic conference for educational material in mathematics and physics. October 2014, Rhodes, Greece (oral presentation)
  • Panos A., Pappas C., Fykaris I. Development of an online application for the management of internships of Primary Education Department students at University of Ioannina. 1st Reimagining Schooling Conference. June 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece.